4 Content Lessons From New York City’s Half Marathon

Russell’s Take: You can wow your audience with great content, even if that audience is in the middle of a race.

I ran the 2016 United Airlines NYC Half recently. It was my first big long run and the race had more than 20,000 finishers. Most of the time I was focused on getting through the 13.1 miles, but a little after Mile 6 my attention was drawn to a brilliant piece of content. It had four key elements common to nearly every piece of good content.

1. It targeted a specific audience.

In fact, it was customized to me personally.

2. It was engaging.

This content had bright colors and clear language. It didn’t take up much of my time but I certainly absorbed the message.

3. It was promoted in the place the audience would see it.

This marketer knew where I’d be and when I’d be there.

4. It had a clear call to action.

Indeed, it did inspire me.


What was this brilliant piece of content marketing? Take a look.


I finished in 11,506th place.

Whatever form your content takes, make sure it’s engaging, clear and speaks to the intended audience.

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