CC 5: Chatbots: Content 3.0

Could chatbots be the future of content marketing? Check out the latest episode of Contagious Content to see why we think they will be. Intro music Golden Sunrise by Josh Woodward // CC…


This Is What Content Needs To Look Like In The Millennial-driven Chatbot Age

Imprint’s Duncan Milne recently gave his thoughts on how chatbots will revolutionize content marketing–check it out in the MediaPost article below. Read More at MediaPost Messaging apps are now officially bigger than social…


The Future Is Virtual

In the piece below, Imprint’s Ashley Brenner gives her take on the emotional experience that Virtual Reality content can offer. Virtual Reality is set to become the content marketing medium of the future,…


CC 3: Intern Insights: Snapchat

                Social media and Millennials:  A match made in heaven. But Facebook isn’t proving as relevant these days, and will Snapchat last, or just be tossed aside…


Tablet installed base escalates quickly even as sales stall out: Forrester Research

Our Take While tablets sale may no longer be generating headlines, new researhc shows that marketers (especially BtoB) need to still pay close attention to how their content is displayed on this device….


Hardware sales still keeping head above water thanks to mobile – but for how long? | ZDNet

Our Take Keep creating content smartphone-first, as that continues to be the future! Consumers are buying fewer computing devices of all types, with mobile the only exception. Worldwide device shipments will reach 2.5…


Majority of online video views will soon occur on mobile: report

Our Take Content creators, listen up!  Mobile viewing accounts for 42% of all online viewing and smartphones outpace tablets 4-to-1.  And viewers watching 79% of mobile video ads through completion.  Informative stats in…


How Tech Companies Can Turn Employees into Brand Storytellers

Our Take: Many companies are totally on board with using storytelling to engage people with their brand–stories engage, entertain and inform. But, executives they often forget that their employes–those consumers that interact with…


How Big Brands Hook Viewers with Emotional Content: 4 Takeaways for Video Marketers

Our Take: As we all know video is the hot topic these days when it comes to content marketing. So many brands are trying to reach audiences through video content. Reelseo explores the…


Is Video Content Topping B2B Marketing Priorities?

Our Take: In short, the answer is YES. Why? (Another short answer) Millennials. A generation that grew up with the tech evolution and with services like YouTube and Vine and well, the internet–…

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