Should Coke’s Editorial Team be Worried for Their Jobs?


Coke Editorial Team

The Coca-Cola Corporation has made a historic endorsement of the potential power of content marketing. Hiring dozens of ex-journalists on staff, the beverage company has made their global homepage strategy on a content strategy.

No doubt that the folks they have hired are well qualified and talented. At last spring’s Custom Content Council conference in Chicago, Ashley Callahan, Manager of Digital & Social Media Communications, did a wonderful job outlining Coca-Cola’s approach and intent.

In its highly competitive industry, Coke must continually change and innovate — but usually they turn to agencies for ideas. In committing to such a large headcount, Coke must believe it can be as nimble and creative as a content agency or publishing company, and the editorial team must be confident that as soda sales dip, the company will stand by its commitment to content.

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