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How Big Brands Hook Viewers with Emotional Content: 4 Takeaways for Video Marketers

Our Take: As we all know video is the hot topic these days when it comes to content marketing. So many brands are trying to reach audiences through video content. Reelseo explores the…


Content Marketing’s Moments of Glory in 2014

Our Take As 2014 comes to a close, OpenTopic asked industry-leading content marketers to weigh in on what they thought were “Content Marketing’s Moments of Glory in 2014.” Imprint’s own managing partner, Andy…


Instagram Gives Brands Instant Access to Ad Campaign Data

Our Take Another update for Intagram-loving brands… Now they can access their campaign data immediately, giving them the ability to manage their content in real-time. Why is this so important — well previously,…


Power of Video In Content Marketing: Part 1

      By Jocelyn Murray Have your favorite brands started getting more involved with social media? Are they asking their customers to participate in the creation of videos or campaigns? This is…

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