Tips from Content HQ: Stop Overpublishing!











By Russell Pearlman

My job gives me the license to be nosy. I get to poke around the content other companies create and find out which ones have compelling stories, charts, and other sorts of content that energizes their audiences.  Then I seek out the bosses at these content-savvy firms and ask them how do they do it so well?

Nearly all of them tell me the same thing: We Don’t Publish Too Much Stuff.

It’s a lesson that many of them learned the hard way. Based on multiple interviews, the realization that “Less is More” usually followed a timeline like this.

Day 1: We’re publishers now! Our customers and employees are going to swoon the minute they see all the videos and articles we send them.

Day 30: Boss, we’ve ramped up after just one month and we’re producing 10 new things a day! Eat our dust, Wall Street Journal!

Day 100: Wow, producing all this stuff takes a lot of time and money.

Day 150: Boss, I don’t understand! We’ve produced 1,200 new pieces of content, but where are all of these energized customers? I’m going to look into this.

Day 200: Boss, I know you wanted us to publish, publish, publish. But have you read some of our stuff? It’s kind of bad. Actually, it’s really bad. Maybe we should do fewer things but do them really well.

Day 250: We’re down to 1 new piece of content each day. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but we’re making sure each piece we post is interesting and engaging. Our customers really seem to like each piece.

Day 300: Boss! Have you seen our readership and conversion metrics? They’ve soared since we refocused on quality over quantity.

Day 365: I got promoted!

In short, don’t publish a ton of stuff just because you can. Publishing a small amount of high-quality content will resonate much more with your audiences (and maybe get you promoted, too).

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